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Saturday 29 October 2011

Whispering Angel Books: Perfect Gifts for the Holiday Season!

I have always been someone who kept a diary whether it be on paper or online. Whenever I'm down, happy, angry, whatever emotion I'm feeling, I like to write. When I'm in the mood I LOVE to write poetry, and you can easily read some of my work under the "Poetry" tab. I recently came across a wonderful new website that features books filled with poetry: Whispering Angel Books. They are dedicated to publishing inspirational stories as well as poetry, and I must say they are truly inspirational. The best part about the company is that a portion of each sale goes to charities promoting physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

Currently they have four books: Nurturing Paws, Hope Whispers, Living Lessons, and Angel's Dance. Each book is small enough to toss in your purse for when you're in need of a little inspiration. I like to carry one in my purse to read while I'm waiting for appointments, but would be great to read on the bus or during your break at work.

Living Lessons:

Living Lessons is an inspirational collection of short stories and poems illustrating the enduring legacy of courage, tolerance, optimism, love and support as it is passed down by our families, friends and special people gracing our lives. 

These pieces, written by some of today's most prolific writers, will touch your heart, uplift your spirit and help you appreciate the people who touched your life in a positive way.

This was the first out of the four books that I read, and it is super uplifting. Many of the short stories and poetry left me with tears running down my face, and left me feeling all warm and fuzzy inside. Reading this book helped me gain courage, and each story touched my life in some way. The stories and poems are so honest, it is hard not to touch your heart. This book would be perfect for really anyone. If you're able to read, then you should have no problem with this book. There are even some contributors that are children in this book. This book is filled with "Living Lessons"! Click here to purchase your copy for only $16.95!

Hope Whispers:

Discover the awesome power that hope and faith play in our physical, emotional and spiritual healing with this collection of uplifting and life-affirming poems and short stories. Each piece demonstrates the resilient spirit of individuals coping with such devastating issues as chronic and life-threatening diseases, death, and the struggle to regain faith and pursue life-long dreams. Its inspirational and uplifting messages will touch your heart and fortify your desire to succeed over adversity.

Writers include noted authors and Chicken Soup for the Soul® contributors: Glenda Barrett, Linda O'Connell, Francine L. Bilingslea and Perry P. Perkins, along with Pushcart Prize nominee, Lyn Halper and Pulitzer Prize nominee, Ed Roberts.

This book really helped me when it comes to dealing with my health issues that I've been dealing with. It helped me lift myself up when I was down due to illness. Suffering from depression, anxiety/panic attacks, PCOS and weight issues, I found this to be super helpful. The title "Hope Whispers" is perfect for this book, as it actually helps you feel like there's hope. Reading other people's struggles, and how they overcome many situations helped inspire me. This collection contains over 80 uplifting and life-affirming poems and stories. If you or someone close to you have been through physical or emotional stress then this would be the perfect book for you. Click here to purchase your copy for only $14.95!

Nurturing Paws:

Pets play a crucial role in our lives. They are not just four-legged and two-winged occupants in our home; they are members of the family. You only need to spend some time with these family members to know that they are the very definition of unconditional love, friendship, and compassion.

Nurturing Paws offers a compilation of more than 80 uplifting and inspirational short stories and poems illustrating the physical, emotional, and spiritual healing effects of animals in our lives. This book will warm your heart and uplift your spirit as it celebrates the love, friendship, and comfort we receive from cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, horses and more.

You’ll meet Sasha, a curious Bichon Frise, whose gentle nature helped women in crisis counseling overcome traumatic life events. Contributor Nikki Rosen writes how her dog became her unlikely counseling partner by helping her patients feel comfortable enough to tell their story -- usually with Sasha in their arms.

You’ll meet Mosby, a disabled Mockingbird with an indomitable spirit. Despite losing a leg and suffering multiple life-threatening injuries, he battled back from brink of death to flourish and give encouragement to others. When contributor and wildlife rehabilitator Elaine Morgan learned she was battling cancer, she embraced Mosby’s resilience. She writes, “If you could do it Mosby, I can do it too! I’ll live to sing about it and fly in spirit just as you have!”

And you’ll meet Poco, an adventurous cat, who taught her pet parent that caring for something beyond himself – even a cat – made him a more humane and compassionate person. Contributor Scott Peterson writes, “I always thought I was taking care of Poco, fulfilling her needs and making her happy. As it turns out, she was passing back to me just as much as I was giving to her.”

Nurturing Paws is written by more than 70 of today’s most prolific writers and poets. Among them include three-time Senior Poet Laureate Elaine Morgan, New York Post and Huffington Post columnist Tina Traster, and a dozen Chicken Soup for the Soul ® contributors.

Nurturing Paws is my favorite out of the four books, as I'm an animal lover. I adopted my fur-baby Mr Jingles... my cat, and reading this book brought me to tears. Every story and poem touched my heart. There's not one story or poem that I couldn't relate to. Our pets are members of our family and are always there, and love us unconditionally. This is a beautiful book with a collection of over 80 uplifting short stories and poetry. I recommend this book to anyone who is an animal lover. Mr Jingles is here while I'm writing this and he approves this book! Click here to purchase your copy for only $16.95!

"A house is not a home without a pet!"
~ Unknown

Nurturing PawsHope Whispers, and Living Lessons are all inspirational books containing different authors and are all edited by Lynn C. Johnston.

Angel's Dance:

Poet Lynn C. Johnston will uplift your spirit and soothe your soul with inspiring poems on love, friendship, faith, encouragement, family and more. Each poem is prefaced with the philosophy or events that inspired each piece.

Poems include: Sleep Tight, My Little Darling, To See The Night Sky, You Are My Hero, Angel on the Ground, The Bravery Pledge, O Spirits Gather Closely, Glimmer of Hope and many more.

This is the fourth book in the collection that I read, and is a collection of uplifting and inspirational poetry strictly by Lynn C. Johnston. It's a collection of over 40 heartfelt poems dealing with all kinds of topics: love, separation, friendship, faith, family and more. Many of her work I can personally relate to and touched my heart. This book would make a great addition to any poetry collection, and has a little something for everyone. Click here to purchase your copy for only $11.95!

All four books from Whispering Angel Books would make an excellent Christmas gift or stocking stuffer! Grab yours today, as the holidays are around the corner... give a gift that keeps giving.

I received an item(s) for review for my honest opinion. I was not compensated for this post. All opinions are my own, and others may vary.

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