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Monday 3 October 2011

Monday Medical Update

I've received several emails from people and I'm sorry I haven't replied yet. I'm still working on answering those, as well as reviews and giveaways. I haven't been on the computer much the last little while, I haven't been feeling good. I didn't even go to group therapy Friday, so that shows that I'm not doing that great. Friday I couldn't put my finger on what exactly was wrong... I just knew I wasn't well. I didn't sleep the night before, and just felt sick. I tried blogging on the weekend, and wasn't able to. It is now Monday, and I feel like shit. I believe I have a bladder infection... which the other day I published medical information regarding bladder infections.

My family doctor only works Tuesdays, which is the same time as my group therapy. I'm in too much pain not to see her, and don't know what to do about group. Do I go to group for half an hour and then go upstairs to my family doctor and wait until she can take me? She's already booked, but receptionist said to come and she will try to see me. All I know is I'm in pain, I feel like I have to pee every few minutes, but only pee a drop. It's uncomfortable when peeing, and a little blood comes out as well. I've had UTI's before in the past, and it's like that but more advanced. I've been drinking lots of water, and have been taking Cystex. If you're wondering what Cystex is, I reviewed the product a while back... it has eased the symptoms a bit, but I think I need an antibiotic as well.

I will update you all later on how I'm feeling... hopefully I will get some relief soon.

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