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Saturday 15 October 2011

Medical Update: Weekend Edition

I am so far behind when it comes to blogging and product reviews. The last little while I haven't been feeling like my usual self, and I'm still feeling the effects of depression. The things I once loved, I have almost lost all interest. I haven't forgotten my blog, I'm just taking the well NEEDED BREAK while I'm on the road to recovery. I will of course update you on on my progress along the way.

This is the first time in years that I have neglected writing here, and I want that passion to come back. I think since the holidays are around the corner, I should hopefully start feeling better soon. I think in the back of my mind since I have no current income, that is a huge reason for the prolonged depression. I'm still waiting on the appeal of my LTD and I'm praying that it gets approved. I'm stressed when it comes to money, as I'm not able to pay my current bills. Insurance company... if you're reading this, my credit is slowly going down the drain, and  I will soon get evicted if you don't approve my appeal.

The past week my Prozac was increased to 30mg, and I'm still feeling the side effects of that. I've had headaches, the jitters, panic attacks, sore jaw... and much more. I feel unwell and tired... blah. It doesn't help that it's gloomy outside, as it makes me want to sleep the whole day away. I have been moodier then usual, and have little to no energy. I did however, go shopping after group therapy yesterday... spent money that I don't have. I needed vitamins, and there was no way I could ignore those. The last time I skipped out on vitamins, I got in shit from my dietitian. Blood work doesn't lie, and I was borderline anemic.

As of yesterday I have been taking ALL of my vitamins: multivitamin, B12, calcium, vitamin D. I guess we will see if my blood work improves the next time I have tests done. Hopefully with the improvement of Prozac, and actually taking my vitamins I will start feeling better soon.

Stay tuned over the next couple days, I will try posting more product reviews and giveaways!

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