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Tuesday 20 September 2011

Tuesday Medical Update

I just got home from my long day of doctor appointments, and I have to say I'm exhausted. It started out at meeting my counselor at 9:30am to sign some documents, and then introduced to group therapy at 10am. I had an appointment with my psychiatrist at 10:30am, and she was happy to find out that I was finally off the Cymbalta. After that I headed up to my family doctor, and was there for over an hour.

Today is a good day... and I'm feeling like there's a glimmer of hope. I actually wore heels today, and it felt great. Okay maybe not great for my feet, but great that I'm trying to cheer myself up. I will be meeting for group therapy every Tuesday and Friday's each week. I have a headache and will go rest... I will post more later today.

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