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Monday 19 September 2011

Monday Medical Update

I haven't been blogging as usual, as I'm not feeling the greatest. I'm still going through Cymbalta withdrawal, but no where near as bad as in the beginning. I still feel like I'm going to have a panic attack, and have a daily headache. I'm tired, eyes burning, jaw hurts... I think I've been grinding my teeth. I've been having crazy dreams and nightmares that seem so incredibly real. I also noticed since I've gone off the medication, that my blood pressure has been higher then usual. Guess maybe it's the stress on my body that's causing the increased blood pressure.

Tomorrow I meet with the group counselor, as well as have two appointments. I see my therapist tomorrow, and will be updating her that I'm off the Cymbalta. She said that some people just can't get off that drug, but I'm determined and wanted off that nasty drug... it was costing me a fortune since only 60% was covered. I also have my annual physical tomorrow... the fun pap smear! I have to get something from that doctor showing that I've seen her prior to the therapist, and to help contribute to my disability claim. I want to submit all the paper work tomorrow, from each doctor. It's crazy... over three months now with no income, and I have nothing for the next rent payment. The insurance company is being a real pain in my ass... guess I have to   try to off myself or give them a kidney to get coverage again. I can't work, I've lost interest in almost everything, I'm depressed, keep having panic attacks, and my agoraphobia is out of control. The stress of money isn't exactly helping.

You can tell I'm not feeling good when I haven't been blogging like my usual self. Normally when I'm feeling down, I like to share and write and speak my mind... even that lately is hard. I just want to feel normal again, and coverage.

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