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Thursday 29 September 2011

Mid Week Medical Update

Once again I haven't been blogging like usual. I felt good on Tuesday and went to group therapy, but had a major mood crash after. Why? I have no idea... just feeling down and sleepy. I'm completyly off the Cymbalta which is good, and will probably need an increase of the Prozac. I see my therapist again on Tuesday... hopefully I will feel better by then.

Group therapy went really well, and had an excellent session Tuesday. I really like my group, as it's mostly woman of my age. All the other times I was in group therapy, it was older people who I couldn't relate to... other then them having a mental illness. I feel like there's finally hope, and I'm really trying. I think what is holding me back from feeling good, is the financial situation. Once I get coverage via disability through insurance, that will take a load off my shoulders.

I have a lot of product reviews and giveaways to work on today, and will get them listed. I will eventually get it all published... please be patient.

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