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Thursday 22 September 2011

All New PhitGrips: PhitShop Shopping Cart Handle Cover Giveaway!

I have reviewed PhitGrips in the past, so when they introduced a new product I was excited to give it a try. is now offering a product called PhitShop. It's the same idea as the old PhitGrips, but is longer and meant strictly for shopping carts.  Right away I tossed it in my shopping bag so I wouldn't forget, and it didn't take up much space. I went shopping the very next day, and I have to say that I love it!

You may be asking, what in the world is a PhitGrip?! To be honest, I  had never heard of PhitGrips until my first product review. When I heard about them, I became very intrigued and couldn't wait to try them myself.

PhitGrips are portable soft rubber grips that were originally designed to fit over the bars of gym equipment to protect against germs. That's not their only use... PhitGrips are a great new product for Moms, offering protection against germs found on grocery cart handles! Did you know that grocery cart handles have more germs than public restrooms? Ewww! Yes... A study at The University of Arizona 2007 proved that a shopping cart is one of the germiest surfaces.

PhitGrips are American made, and are made of liquefied rubber that has been injected with oxygen to make them light and cushioned. The ink that they print the logo on the PhitGrip contains an antimicrobial agent to help inhibit the growth and spread of bacteria. All you have to do is rub your hands together occasionally to spread the antimicrobial protection over your hands. Sounds awesome, eh? They are easy to slip on and off grocery cart handles, and no hassle at all to store them in your purse. When the logo wears off, it means it's time to purchase a new set. Regular PhitGrip's only cost $9.99, and the new PhitShop's are only $11.99 and can be purchased through their website.

PhitGrip has been nice enough to offer one of my viewers a pair of their own PhitGrips! Here's how you can enter the giveaway:

I received an item for review, for my honest opinion. I was not compensated for this post. All opinions are my own, and others may vary.

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