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Wednesday 24 August 2011

Punto FAPE: An Awesome Health/Fitness Site!

For those of you health freaks out there who follow and read my blog on a regular basis, I came across an awesome health and fitness website called Punto FAPE. It's originally written in Spanish, but you can easily translate to English or your language of preference. They have all kinds of categories of topics: Personal Care, Style, Fitness, Sports, Health, Nutrition, Leisure and feature daily articles.

I love all the content that has been published up until now, and spent over an hour reading. I came across an article about weight loss surgery, and I was actually surprised. Until I decided to have gastric bypass surgery, I pretty much tried every diet there is out there. I had tried the Atkins Diet, the Mediterranean Diet, the Fricker Diet, the Soup Diet, the Vegan Diet, and much more. It wasn't until having surgery that I saw the most progress when it came to my health. So when I saw the article regarding weight loss surgery, and the positive effects of having it, the website really caught my eye.

Now I know there could be many complications when it comes to any weight loss surgery, so selecting to have the procedure shouldn't be taken lightly. For me it was the best solution... and in the end I'm so blessed and thankful that I did it. Being 4 months post op I have lost 90Lbs, and I feel great. I wish success and good health to those that are struggling to lose weight.

Going through the website I found so many awesome articles that I can't wait to tweet and share! Another article that caught my eye was regarding bananas. Yes, I know it's a fruit! Reason it caught my eye is because my dietitian recently told me to eat at least one banana a day, as I have low potassium. There were some points that were mentioned in the article that I didn't know... they are low in sodium, and the ideal food for those suffering from hypertension and kidney failure, anemia, heartburn and constipation. I already knew it was high in fiber, but I didn't realize that it helped increase mental capacity... gee I should be eating more then one a day then!

I used to suffer from hypertension, heartburn, and was borderline anemic. As of now I no longer suffer from high blood pressure, or get heartburn. It's amazing what losing weight can do for your health, and especially in such a short amount of time. I'm so glad that I found this health website and will be visiting it on a regular basis. Swing by and check it out, you won't be disappointed.


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