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Friday 29 July 2011

Update For This Week

Hey everyone. I haven't been writing much on here the last little while, at least nothing too personal. I haven't been feeling myself the last little while. My depression seems to have returned, and I've been sleeping quite a bit. I've lost the mood to go out, and with summer here you would think that I'd be out all the time.

Now I know something is wrong when I haven't been watching Big Brother while it's on. Every other year I couldn't wait to see it, but this year I've been recording and watching after. Normally I'd watch and talk to my mother during the commercials, but I just have no passion for anything right now. I do enjoy it when I actually watch it, but for some reason I can't watch it while it's on.

The other day I was sooooo sick. The gastric bypass dumping syndrome took over, and for the first time I was vomitting and shitting at the same time. It wasn't even shitting, it was like pure water. Gross eh? Well I was in agony. If you're thinking of doing weight loss surgery, this is one of the things you will have to live with. Stupid me, I drank a Chai Chiller from Second Cup, and then had three little pieces of popcorn. Well I basically died. My stomach was literally growling, I felt like I was dying. It was like a knife stabbing me through my stomach, and nothing seemed to relieve the pain. Note to self... don't eat anything I shouldn't.

Last weekend I didn't post my usual Sunday Thinspiration. I just wasn't feeling up to it, but I will post it this weekend. I haven't changed when it comes to weight... I'm still stuck at 202Lbs. The last 2Lbs seems to be the hardest to come off. I guess I have to start working out... I should be right now. I have to try to get the treadmill from my mom's place so I can run on it. I will keep you all posted once I steal it and set it up in my room!

Have a great weekend, and don't forget to enter all my giveaways!

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  1. Hey Kimberly

    Sorry you are going through a rough spell right now. Praying that it soon passes and your mojo returns pronto!

    I am celebrating a blogging milestone at Create With Joy with a wonderful giveaway - please stop by and check it out - perhaps a win would help lift your spirits!



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