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Thursday 21 July 2011

My Anxiety Strikes Again

The thought of you with some one else...
Kissing someone else...
Sleeping with someone else...
makes me want to scream!

It makes me want to tear my heart out,
throw it at the wall as hard as I can,
and break down into a sea of tears

The mere thought of that...
Of you with another
minces my insides
turns my knees to jelly
turns my stomache inside out...
I can feel the acid burning
just like the sting of my shattered heart

And the guilt...

why do I feel this way?
why am I so selfish?
That I cant let you be happy?
why can't I allow you to have a life?
And be happy that you are happy?

I know the answer.
I know who's to blame...
Not you
not me

Anxiety has struck again...


  1. Sadly, I think everyone who's ever lived has known this feeling at one time or another - or will. It's not a pleasant state of being, but your poem describes it remarkably well.

  2. I read a few of your poems and I think you're really good.

    I too write poetry and for some reason I usually feel like penning my thoughts (as poetry) when I'm sad.
    Does anyone else feel like this?


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