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Friday 27 May 2011


I haven't been posting as often as before, as I'm proud to tell you all that I'm back to work. This is the third week and I'm so proud of myself. I'm happy to say that I've only had one panic attack during this whole time, and it only lasted about five minutes. That's huge progress from what I've been dealing with the last two years.

This week I've been in allergy hell, and I'm wondering if anyone else feels the same? Yesterday my allergies were so bad that I had hives all over my body. My eyes were puffy and itchy, my tongue and throat were itchy, runny and itchy nose... allergy hell. I finally took a Reactine pill and passed out for an hour since it made me drowsy... even though it states it's non drowsy! I guess I shouldn't really complain about the drowsy part... I am on quite a few med's that could have contributed to that!

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