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Tuesday 22 February 2011

10 Hazardous Hiding Places for Cats

It's freezing cold here, so one of our town's clever stray cats found a way to keep warm: hiding under the hood of a parked car. This is a common scenario - the cat accesses this part of the vehicle from underneath, like an investigative mechanic - but obviously it can be fatal for the animal once ignition happens and the engine heats up. Happily, this cat - a sweet, friendly, gray-and-white fellow wearing a flea collar - made his presence known by...urinating.

"We were driving and we started smelling cat pee," said Florence Giordano, who opened her car hood to find the kitty sitting on the battery! A quick scan at the vet revealed that the cat has no microchip, so Florence named him Lucky.

Note to readers: Florence cannot keep him as she already has a cat and a dog, so Lucky the cat is shacked up with an elderly neighbor who, sadly, cannot keep him either. To adopt Lucky, who is one year old and weighs 7 lbs., please call Florence at 917-657-6399.

Meanwhile, a parked car is just one of many hazardous hiding places for cats. If your car's parked outdoors in cold weather, please bang on your hood and honk your horn to rouse a possibly sleeping feline and give him/her a chance to crawl out before you start your engine.

Here are the other 9 top hiding places to be aware of - especially if you have a kitten, whose extra-small size and extra-curious nature could land him in a very tight spot.

1. Dishwasher - Always look for Kitty before starting the machine.

2. Washer-dryer - Don't leave the door open when not in use; always check inside before starting a cycle.

3. Wood stove - Light the kindling and shut the door only AFTER doing a thorough check.

4. Reclining chair (La-Z-Boy) - Believe it or not, this is a prime small-animal hiding spot, so check under the seat and evict the previous occupant before you recline, to prevent injury.

5. Cardboard delivery boxes - Cats are notorious box nesters, so take care not to throw Kitty out with the recycling.

6. Workers' tool boxes (electrician, handy man, etc) - Cats see these as fun new hiding places worth investigating.

7. Guitar cases - See #6; cats are so exquisitely tuned to music that they probably want to leave with the musician.

8. Luggage or gym bags - Close these when not in use, to prevent pet hair buildup as well as an accidental departure.

9. Dresser drawers - These should remain shut so they don't turn into kitty traps (and kitty hair traps).

About the Author: Journalist, author, and pet lifestyle expert Julia Szabo writes the Living With Dogs column for and is the proud slave of 6 rescued cats. Follow her on Twitter @PetReporter1.

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  1. Good post! While growing up we had a cat that liked to sleep on the engine. I didn't remember the cat very well, I was pretty young. One morning my dad went to work and the cat was sleeping under the hood and feel down on the tire and was ran over. :( :( So sad.
    This was about 30 years ago and I still would look for my kitty in all those strange places.
    Have a good evening!

  2. Awwww!
    Following you from the Buzz Hop! :)

  3. Guitar case with cat inside *giggle*

  4. I only owned one cat and it hated physical contact and ran from everyone into the safety of beneath the bath - which was boarded off and had a tiny little gap by the door. Eventually we gave the cute little ting to a farm - she loved it there - running around and not being fussed. She'd been hurt by bad people before we got her you see. She was tiny, tabby with bright blue eyes. Ahhh haven't thought about her for twenty odd years and this reminded me of her. Shah. X

  5. When I was a young girl, my father accidently killed my beloved Inky, whom was sleeping inside the recliner. My parents never told me. Just that she died peacefully in her sleep. That was nearly 40 years ago. I found out some 30 years ago, and didnt have the heart to tell them I knew the truth. To this day, my Sister & I always check our recliners before letting someone flip it.
    I wish I could take Lucky :( We have too many rescues as is.

  6. New GFC follower from Welcome Wednesday, I'd love a follow back if you get the chance.

  7. I'm glad Lucky made it out alive! Lovin your blog and so glad to have stumbled upon you doin the Wed blog hop. Looking forward in keeping up with you. Would love for you to visit over at my lil peace of sanity htpp://



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