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Sunday 2 January 2011

unPLANNED - Review

Abby Johnson, the former Planned Parenthood leader who is now a highly visible pro-life advocate, has written her story, Unplanned, currently available from Tyndale House Publishers and Focus on the Family. Johnson’s book, written with Cindy Lambert, is the dramatic true account of Johnson’s decision to cross to the other side in the abortion debate.

Johnson’s decision to leave her job after eight years with Planned Parenthood, originally as a volunteer and then as an employee, came after she participated in an ultrasound-assisted abortion procedure for the first time. Her action became national news when Planned Parenthood took her to court in the fall of 2009. Unplanned reveals what Johnson initially found so attractive about the mission of Planned Parenthood, the personal secret she never divulged, and the disturbing events that caused her to suddenly quit her job.

Unplanned: The Dramatic True Story of a Former Planned Parenthood Leader’s Eye-Opening Journey across the Life Line offers an insider’s viewpoint on Planned Parenthood’s practices, as well as on the heartfelt but misguided efforts of some radical anti-abortion activists.

“So many people want to see these clinic workers as the enemy, but they are not,” Johnson comments. “The sin of abortion is the enemy. These clinic workers are good people who have just been grossly misguided by untruth. On the other side, there are people who claim to be prolife but believe in taking the lives of abortionists and bringing harm to workers. I have been able to see the good and bad in both camps. No movement is perfect . . . no matter how much we like to think we are, or how much we try to be.”

Johnson credits the peaceful, respectful witness of a local pro-life ministry with her change of

“Without them, I wouldn’t be here today,” she says. “It is their faithfulness and perseverance that
help women face the truth of abortion every day.”

I found it so frightening and heartbreaking to read that an abortion takes place every 24 seconds and that over 3,600 abortions occur every day in the United States. I am still reading this book, and I find it a subject that is very hard to comment about. I believe it's a woman's right if she wants to abort... no one has a right to judge her decision.

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  1. wow. i am going to check this book out for sure!

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  2. If you want to learn about Planned Parenthood, their ideas and agenda there is a powerful documentary: Maafa21 which exposed years of their "records" in eugenics and their founding in racism. Check out Maafa21 here

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