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Tuesday 14 December 2010

Romantic Holiday How To: 6 Ways to Have a Love-filled Season!

The holidays, while filled with plenty of joy, can still be a very stressful period. With that,  alone time with your man can end up falling to the wayside. Want some ways to ensure you keep the romance alive this season? Follow our below six tips!

Gift each other every day. We’re not talking about purchasing a big and expensive gift every day throughout the holiday break—we know everyone’s on a budget this time of year! It can be a mix of both store-bought and home-made gifts, such as a CD of his favourite band one day, a framed photo of the two of you the following day, his favourite meal for dinner the next… It’s all about creating an element of surprise, excitement and romance.

Have a romantic winter date. Literally—go out and enjoy the snow together with the same boundless joy you both had as children! Try ice skating, sledding, or even building a snowman out in the backyard. And after all the fun has tuckered you out, grab a thermos of hot chocolate—or a hot toddy!—and sit outside and enjoy the gorgeous winter’s night. (We promise: this isn’t as eccentric as it sounds.)

Go out to a fancy party together. The holidays are fraught with many get-togethers and parties that, admittedly, can be more obligatory than fun. However, try and get excited for at least one of the more glitzy events: dress up in your sexiest (respective) outfits and have a good time drinking, socializing with friends and flirting with each other. You both deserve to have some fun, after all.

Spend time together cuddled-up at home. Cold winter nights are a perfect reason to decline a few party invites and hibernate at home. Whether you decide to have a romantic dinner for two, hunker down in front of the TV or lock yourselves in the bedroom, use this time to decompress and just be with one another.

Have a weekend to yourselves. The season is filled with so many obligations (mostly familial) that it may be difficult to find some one-on-one time with your man, especially if the both of you don’t live together. If time permits, try and have a couple of days to yourselves, whether it’s taking a short trip together or simply staying in and turning off your phones.

Create your own tradition. The holidays are all about traditions: you and your family likely have a few you partake in every year. So why not start one (or a few) with your sweetie; especially if you see a future with him. Whether it’s hosting your own annual holiday feast or simply buying a new ornament each year for the tree you both share, this is something that will be simply yours and his.

Article written By Vicki Karigiannis published December 10, 2010 on

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