Monday, 1 November 2010

Monday Getting to Know Me!

Happy Monday! It's time for you to get to know me a little more...

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My Monday question of the week... Did you give out candy for Halloween? If so, what candy did you give out? Is it the same ever year?
Well... I live in an apartment building so I don't give out candy at my door. I do contribute candy though, and they hand it out in the lobby on Halloween night. I haven't celebrated Halloween in years... I kind of miss it!

GiveawayBlogdomMy Admirer Monday question of the week...  there is none yet!
My friend is trying to get caught up, as she was under the weather. I guess I'm not the only one who fell behind while in the hospital.

1. Have you ever been on a cruise?
2. What is your favorite way to eat eggs?
3. What is your favorite reading material?
4. Name all the pets that you have ever had?
5. Were you ever a girl/boy scout?

1. No... and I have no interest in going on one. I keep having a vision of the Titanic... plus I know I'd gain too much on that vacation!
2. I used to love poached eggs. I think I used to love it that way because it reminded me of childhood and my grandma. She used to make the best poached eggs. I have recently become a vegetarian and no longer eat eggs... they kind of gross me out when I think of what I'm eating. Why I don't eat eggs.
3. Hmmm... I love reading anything that has to do with vegetarianism or anything cat related. Yes, I'm a crazy cat lady! I also like collecting cookbooks... as if I will start cooking from them! Most of the time you would find me reading a magazine, Chatelane or Canadian Living, or any kind of girlie novel.
4. Hmmm... I had hampsters: Tickles, Teddy.  A rabbit: Wendy. Fish... don't remember names! And my first REAL non-caged pet... Mr Jingles (cat)... I love him so much, he's even included in my blog name!
5. I was never a girl scout, but I was a Brownie. My mom still has all the badges that I earned... don't know why I never became a Girl Guide... love the cookies!

Well there you have it... another Monday's of questions. I'll see you all next week! If you want to participate, just click on the buttons above for the codes and linky's.

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  1. Great questions and I loved your answers. I am sorry I didn't get to do this one.


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