Thursday, 4 November 2010

Does Anyone Else Know?

I slept most of the day away... why am I so tired? Is this part of the healing process? It's been two weeks since my surgery, and I'm  not on any pain killers anymore. My body is going through some weird changes, and I'm wondering if anyone else who has had the same problems experience them?

For those that are new to my blog, I had my right ovary, right fallopian tube removed, and my left ovary drilled. I suffer from PCOS, depression, and anxiety/panic attacks. The incision has healed... and it's hideous. I had bleeding after the surgery for about a week... a period I guess. It disappeared, and then a couple days ago I started bleeding for only one day. It was weird though... it was a muddy brown colour... yes, gross! Is that from the drilling of the left ovary? I also noticed that I've had crazy mood swings that I can't control.

If anyone else know what I'm going through, please comment or send me an email.

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  1. Hi from New Friend Friday. So sorry to hear about your surgery side affects. Hope you get well soon! ;)

  2. I'm sorry to hear of your ordeal. I cannot relate to the PCOS since I don't know what that is but I can most definitely relate to sleeping all day from depression and experiencing anxiety attacks as I am a fellow sufferer. From this side of things you appear to be very productive which I know is hard with depression or at least I have a hard time with. I hope you continue to heal from your surgery, just give it time. Small note of insight on the blood, if its bright red its the newest blood from the surface and if its a mud color then it is a cycle or so of older blood that gets cleaned out during your period. Hope that helps:) Also, I came to follow you from TT and it looks like now I follow you 2x! I would love a follow back and if you could follow me via Networked Blogs & Facebook too that would be awesome! Have a great night:)


  3. A friend of mine had this Surgery just last year, and everything you are describing is what she went through. It took her quite a while before she felt any better physically or emotionally.

    Take it easy. Your body is going through a LOT of hormonal shifts because of the surgery you just had.

  4. I am sorry to hear that you are not feeling right. I am not familiar with the surgey that you had but am sure it has to be an emotional roller coaster for you, all I can say is rest , rest and rest! I hope you feel better soon:)

  5. I had my left ovary removed years ago and I remember the weird brown period thing. Crystal at has PCOS you might get some info from her.


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