Thursday, 14 October 2010

The Best Lube... and it's Vegan!

I love receiving items for review in the mail, and today my Good Clean Love Lubricant arrived. I would like to say thank you to Good Vibrations, for giving me the opportunity to try their product.

Good Clean Love Organic Personal Lubricants are the cleanest, sweetest, truly natural water-based lubricants available. Infuse with real herbs and flowers to create deep and true scents, Good Clean Love personal lubricants mimic the natural lubricant produced by the body. The lubricant is made with aloe vera, xanthan gum and agar agar (seaweed) to create a smooth and long lasting glide - without the use of petrochemicals, parabens or snythetic fragrances.

This lube is the best my partner and I have tried. If you don't like the smell (which is far less obnoxious than many of the fake scents on the market), they make the lubricant in different scents and also have scented oils that can be added as well. As for drying up, the lube can be re-activated with a few drops of water. That said, this lube is great for the two of us as it works well with our own natural moisture and provides excellent lubrication without sacrificing sensitivity. We have tried a large variety of lubricants, water based, silicone based, thick, thin, etc.... and this one beats them all. And the best part is that because it's a very natural composition, it is very easy to clean up afterwords and has not left any stains on lingerie or bedsheets.

I received a complimentary Good Clean Love Lubricant, to try in exchange for my honest opinion, and a review of my experience. I did not receive any other compensation or incentive nor was I required to write a positive review. Individual results or experiences may vary.

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