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Wednesday 18 August 2010

Wednesday Blog Hops


Happy Wednesday Hopping! Follow as many as you like, but make sure you leave a comment saying where you're hopping from.

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Now for the Naughty List of the week of the naughty nature!

1. Once again I pused "door close" of the elevator when someone was running for it. I'm terrible and can't stop doing it!

2. At mom's when I was there the last couple days, I finished the milk before they had a chance to put some in their coffee.

3. I ordered a new peice of lingerie that I will be reviewing in a few weeks... I will leave you on that and keep the design as a surprise!

Oh... I have one more to quickly add... it's more of embarassing then naughty.... touching on the top subject of the elevator... before I got out of the elevator, I farted! I had to share my flavour with the next person who would get on! Hahahaha... gross I know... but I had fish chowder and it was bothering my tummy!

Okay... so this week wasn't so naughty after all... just means that the horns have to come out between now and the next link up!

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