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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Slowly Goin Crazy!

I'm seriously losing my mind! I just spent the last friggin ten minutes on this crazy bitch's blog looking for her comment section... and the damn thing was right in front of my face! Yes... I am losing my mind... more then before!

I've been on the 37.5mg of Effexor XR and Thursday is the last pill that I take of that. I was supposed to take both the Cymbalta and Effexor this week... but after some fucked up side effects I decided to wait and start taking that once I'm off the Effexor. I dunno... I think my doc was a complete space cadet when he told me it's okay to take both at the same time. I read the drug insert and it had a warning saying DO NOT TAKE WITH VENLAFAXINE. Hmmm... that could probably explain why it was a crazy tripped out day. So lucky me Friday is the magical day that I get to be on the Cymbalta.

One Crazy Brunette ChickGo check out One Crazy Brunette Chick if you haven't already. It was her blog that I was dazing out on... it must mean tht it's just soooooo incredibly crazy! Actually it's quite commical and a shit load of swearing!

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