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Wednesday, 21 July 2010

My Family Dr Had Me in Tears

Normally I participate in the post it note Tuesday, but I can't bring myself to do it. I have had a terrible day and I just don't have the energy and the heart to do it. Today I had a doctor's appointment with my family doctor. I had some papers that my psychiatrist gave me to give to him. Well he was mad about that... he didn't like having to follow the list that she left for him.

I had blood work done last week through my psychiatrist, and she wanted him to discuss the results... well he wouldn't. He was actually mad that she had ordered them, and said that it wasn't necessary. She also listed for him to check my blood pressure since my feet and legs have been swelling... well he didn't do that either. I asked about the disability forms that I had brought in the week before... and he was like "what are you talking about". There were no forms... he looked around and couldn't find them.

F-U Pictures, Images and PhotosHe left and went to help out another patient... during that time the secretary actually found them (they were in a pile of papers to be filled out by him... in a filing shelf where they  belong... what a dumb ass). So he filled the sheets out... which didn't take longer then two minutes... once again a poor ass job. Well the secretary tells me it will be $40.... I was like he didn't fill out the forms properly to begin with so I shouldn't have to pay. And she was like well you needed further info therefore you owe money... and I was like he filled out the wrong forms... i had given him a book of forms originally... as a doctor he should have known which one is the right form.

Well the doctor came back out and talked down to me saying that he normally charges $200 for this form to be filled out... and that if my psychiatrist filled it out, it would have cost 3x's as much. And then he was like... "if I have to fill out any forms I will charge a fee and don't bug me about it again". I was shocked... I was speechless... and i looked down at the secretary and she was like so if you want to leave with the forms you have to pay. And I was like I have no money... and she was like then you can't have them. And I was like... I am not working... this is the whole reason why I need these forms... and she was like well go to the bank machine downstairs to get money.... and I was like well i could do that but i don't have any money to take out... I'm broke... I can't pay my rent or bills..... and by this time i was balling my eyes out crying and shaking.... and the fuckin bitch just says "oh well" and turns away. The other secretary felt bad and went to talk to the Dr.... and then she came back and said to pay whenever I can. I thanked her and left... I took the stairs cause I was too embarrassed and upset. I met my mom in her car and just lost it... was crying and hyperventilating... couldn't breath.

I can't wait to go see my psychiatrist on Monday and tell her everything that happened... she already wasn't impressed with my Dr... she had tried to get in touch with him to discuss my history, but he wouldn't give her the time of day. I have come to the conclusion I no longer will see him... he can go fuck himself.

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