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Friday 23 July 2010

Latest Way to Love

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I have written before in the past about my dating experiences, and how I met two people online. I have never really tried a dating site before, but I used to be addicted to online chatrooms! I always found that I had greater success at getting to know someone online, before actually going on a date. Meeting guys in a bar or somewhere else always seemed based on physical, instead of actually having things in common.

I met my ex-husband online through a friend, and I met my current boyfriend online as well. We chatted for over a month before we met... so we already knew what the other liked. I always figured it was better knowing certain stuff before meeting them... that way you didn't waste you time and then finding out the truth!

I recently checked out a new dating site which was quite easy to sign up. Everything was straight forward... didn't feel like it was an interview or that you had to write an essay on your life! For me, anything that takes longer then ten minutes to set up, I hate! There's also another site which I thought sounded cute if you're single check both of them out!

(European Journal of Social Psychology) says:

"Computer-based communication results in more self-disclosure, and can be more effective than face-to-face interaction at early stages of a relationship."

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