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Sunday 11 July 2010

Go Green

go green

If you haven't already jumped on the "Go Green" bandwagon, I hope this little video narrated by Oprah herself will change your mind.

Directly from Oprah's Earth Day Show, please take that 1:34 minute for the sake of our environment and watch it.

I know that cleaning this thing up is well beyond anything the average person can do but here is what I hope you will take away from watching these images.

When you are outside and you see a piece of plastic or other garbage blowing by, please take that few minutes to pick it up and put it in the trash. I used to believe that if it wasn't "My" garbage or in "My" yard, it wasn't "My" problem.


Any time we see loose plastic or Styrofoam blowing in the wind, stuck to the ground or hanging on a tree, it is the responsibility of EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US to pick it up and put it in the nearest bin.

Since seeing Oprah's video and those images of helpless wildlife entangled in our trash, I see EVERY piece of loose garbage now as a hazard and heading straight toward our waterways and on to the nearest Ocean's Garbage Patch. After all, this is just the Pacific Patch. There is at least one Garbage Patch in every ocean on our planet.

So next time you see a piece of garbage littering your yard or street, think of our beautiful oceans and the precious wildlife that depend on them and I know you will do the right thing.

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