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Friday, 9 July 2010

Can`t Sleep

It`s going for 1am and I`m not able to sleep. I`m still at my mom`s place since today was grandma`s birthday. Dinner was nice... the family came over and we had Chinese food. I have to say since I ate that food I`m not feeling too great. My feet were already swelling cause of the heat... but now since the extra sodium my legs and feet feel like they will explode.

I have never had swelling like this before in my life. It actually started just recently with the med change. Hmmm... think related... I think so. It sucks because my doctor is on holiday`s until early next week. I took my last Effexor XR today... so tomorrow I`m on the Cymbalta. I`m not looking forward to it.

The weather here in Toronto is still hell... so incredibly humid and hot... people are actually passing out and dieing. We are supposed to have a nice storm in the morning... hopefully it will be more managable after.

My mom`s netbook is heating up on my lap and I`m already having hot flashes... gotta run.

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