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Saturday, 3 July 2010

Another Pointless Post!

The following is a test of the


The blogger on this site in voluntary cooperation with Local and Government guidelines has developed this test to alert you in case of an emergency. Had this been an ACTUAL emergency instructions would follow.

This is only a test.
No wait----It IS an actual emergency!!!!

I care about your entertainment standards and have developed this system to protect you from a lame post. Today's post is a lame post...sorry! Just post the first thing that comes to your head, the wilder and most creative will win the contest. Yes,, I just made it a contest. I can do that because I used to own the world remember????


Any way I do have random thoughts of naughtiness today!

Wanna hear them?? Yep... of course you do!! So here goes:

Maybe I should lay gummy worms end to end from here to my neighbors house today and peck them all up like a fluffy chick after I knock on her door


Maybe go to a video store and run through the aisles with my arms out knocking all the movies off the shelves (I have always wanted to do that... couldn't do that when I worked there)


Break out in a belted rendition of Annie's "Tomorrow"... always loved that movie

Go to a sit down restaurant and order water, then after the server brings it,, taste it and with a straight face say "I'm sorry, I asked for a DIET water--this doesn't taste like DIET!!!"


Just go commit myself before someone else does it for me... 
What the FRENCH TOAST!!!????? Best line in a gum commercial you LINT LICKER!!!!
Think I need some sleep!

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