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Tuesday 22 June 2010

Night Terrors

Fear and anxiety would reign supreme
and take hold of me in my sleep and dreams.
The frightening images of evil and gore
left me numb but wait, there's more.
The demons I saw, the bloody smell,
the screams I heard, a darkened cell.
It was all too real, this awful fright,
I did not sleep and I feared the night.
When I awake there is such a fear and pain,
raging emotions, I am going insane;
suffering, pain, hurt and grief,
I get no rest, there's no relief.
These frightful images never leave my head
so I stay awake and avoid the bed.
I never seem to get a good night's rest
yet everyone tells me sleep is best;
"you need your sleep" they all say,
so I sleep and hope they've gone away.
But nothing's changed, the frights are there,
so then I'm trapped in this horror nightmare.
There's one thing I ask, hope and pray,
it's that these nightmares will finally go away
and leave me be so I can sleep in peace,
but for now I'll not rest until they cease.

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