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Saturday, 29 May 2010

Still Sweating

Yesterday I got a new air conditioner... it`s too bad that it didn`t get installed yet. My boyfriends brother-inlaw came over to help install it, and we came to the conclusion that we need to cut the piece of wood in order to make it fit... have to build the frame around to hold it in place. They will come over tomorrow after I`m finished work and will finish installing it.

Tomorrow is supposed to get really hot and humid again, so instead of starting work at 1pm, I will go in earlier. I would rather be at work with air conditioning, then roasting at home!

I shouldn`t have listened to my mom yesterday keeping my ceiling fan on... Jingles is terrified of it. She was like "he will get used to it"... well when I woke up I realised he had pissed and shit on my couch. The litter box I always keep in my bedroom, but I actually moved it outside in the livingroom since the fan was on. Bad boy was mad at me punishing me for putting it on. No treats for the baby... he`s grounded!

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  1. Looking at the hot summer AC has become a need in the present days. As the days are passing by the summers are becoming hotter ad hotter.


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