Friday, 28 May 2010

Fawk You Friday!

You know what time it is? It's Fawk You Friday! This is my first time celebrating it on my blog, but it's a good time to vent on this weeks shit! (It's okay to say it-it's not a bad word!) To whom/what would you like to say Fawk You to today?

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I would love to say a big FAWK YOU to my air conditioner that decided to die on me yesterday. Of course it couldn't happen to me when it was a cool day... it had to happen during a crazy ass heat wave!

I also have another FAWK YOU to the employee at Rona... ya you pain in the ass kid, minimum wage, punk ass I just want to slap, dumbass who accidently hung up on me trying to transfer me to the right department.

Another FAWK YOU to the next dumbass at Rona that I got stuck talking to on the phone, who didn't even listen to the question I asked... just quickly answered "NO"! So to him it's a double FAWK YOU!

I came to the conclusion that I wont be buying my new air conditioner at Rona... there's too many idiots employed by them.

And last... FAWK YOU to my psycho neighbour. If I want to make noise I will make noise! If I want to blow my nose all night long and do jumping jacks on my bed I can... I pay enough rent to do so. I'm not the one making noise... it's another neighbour. So grrrr Mr/Ms neighbour!

Okay... think I'm good for this week... Until next Friday!

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  1. OMG!! Your a/c died?! Holy hell...def. a big fawk you to that!!

    Thanks for linking up..I'm following you!

  2. Have to agree with FY #1!! No A/C is the mechanical equivalent of Hell! =S And your furbaby sounds like such a little cutie!! (Even with the obnoxious wake-up calls...LOL) I've never heard of Rona, but it sounds like Canada's version of Home Depot. I HATE HOME DEPOT!!!! So a big HIGH-FIVE on your FY to Rona!! =D

  3. I wouldn't know what to do without my a/c. Love your blog! I'm now following you.

  4. Oh no, I could not survive without AC....I hope u find a new one SOON. With the HOT weather coming, you will need it!

  5. Hey, following you back fellow Canadian!! I live in the Maritimes! Grabbing your button too! Nice to meet you :)

  6. You gotta love crappy neighbors who tell you to shut up when you aren't doing anything.

    Stopping by from SITS!

    Cheers :-)
    - CoconutPalmDesigns


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