Friday, 9 April 2010

My eye wont stop twitching and it's driving me bananas! I went to the doctor on Thursday... don't remember if I wrote about it or not... I'm very forgetful lately. So my doctor wants me to stop taking Seroquel for a week, and then after a week go back on it again. Hmmm... very interesting I thought. Anyone ever do this before? So far I have a headache that wont seem to go away, and colours seem to be like a strobe light effect. I feel high even though I'm not.

I'm off work for a little while until I get everything under control... hope nothing too crazy and exciting happens while I'm gone. For now I've been doing a lot of napping and watching TV. I've been so drowzy that I haven't felt like coming on the computer that much... which if you know me you would know that I'm glued to my computer.

I was bored so I just donated $50 to the OSPCA... I love animals... Mr Jingles says Meow!

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