Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Good Morning... or I Wish I Could Say Good Night!

I woke up way too early today and I hate that it's too sunny now to sleep! I've been awake since 4am because of my stupid cat. I love my fur-baby, but sometimes he's a real pain in the ass! The crazy thing wouldn't stop meowing until I finally got up. Of course once I was up and the lights on...where do you think the cat ended up? He was fast asleep on the couch!

Since I wasn't able to fall back to sleep a million things went through my mind. I thought about the last post that I wrote and came to the conclusion... Thank God that I am no longer with my ex! I guess in a way he did me a favour! Now if only I realised what an asshole my ex husband was before getting married I would have saved a lot of money and time! Oh well... they both were learning experiences... everything happens for a reason.

Okay... I was bored and checking out cat video's on youtube.com and I came across this one!

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