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Tuesday 13 April 2010

Exercise and Your Cat—Beneficial Types of Exercise

Playing with your cat is the simplest way to maintain your cat's overall health. Playtime helps increase metabolism, minimize weight gain, and boost circulation. To get your housebound kitty moving, try these CatAge-approved exercise activities:

Follow the Leader: If your cat likes to follow you, lead him or her on a walk through the house. Don't stop moving until your pet stops. Climb stairs or walk from room to room. This playful, low-impact exercise routine will benefit both of you.

Hide and Seek: Awaken curiosity and reward ingenuity in your inquisitive cat by hiding treats inside a favorite cat toy or in unexpected locations around your home. The thrill of this treasure hunt will get your cat moving.

Natural Instinct: Channel your pet's pouncing instinct by providing tempting prey made of noisy crumpled paper or colorful cat toys. Shoelaces can be stalked as they're dragged across the floor, and "cat-fishing" with feathers attached to a wooden rod can inspire very aerobic cat-acrobatics.

Home Alone: Left alone, many cats would happily sleep until your return. Encourage solo exercise by offering an irresistible challenge. Safely stacked-up books or sturdy boxes become a jungle gym leading to a favorite perch. Noisy, colorful cat toys reserved only for special occasions provide distracting fun while you are away.

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