Friday, 12 February 2010

So I ended up getting a doctor's note from my family doctor once I went into the office. He said that he supports me 100% and for me not to worry. I felt much better to hear that from him... but it's far from being fixed. So on that day I quickly faxed the note along with an explination. Well, today I ended up getting a letter from HR asking me to provide further details in a letter written by me, as well as any documentation supporting why I was on short term disability.

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It took me like two hours to complete everything, and get it organized to put in the mail. So that means I will probably be out of a good pay cheque for like another few weeks... grrrrr!

So tonight I had a panic attack when Vivek was over. I was doing so good the last few days... it just came out of the blue. I don't know if it was because of the letter I was writing, or if it was because my asshole ex called and said he wants to claim our divorce on his tax return (which by the way he didn't pay for the divorce, I did!). He frustrates the hell out of me... makes me want to pull my hair out and scream as loud as I can. I truely feel crazy sometimes... wish I didn't have to have these attacks. I wish I didn't have to feel like a zombie trying to get used to the new meds that I'm on. I'm trying not to lose my mind... I want to be back to normal... I want to have a life again, and right now that is almost impossible.

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