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Sunday 10 August 2008

Scared... Almost Pissed My Pants

I have not been able to sleep yet since last night. Early in the morning there was a huge explosion down the street.... the whole sky lit up... heard a loud noise, and then the whole building rocked and shook to the point where I thought it was going to fall apart. It happend several times in a row... thought we were under attack or something.

Was it an earthquake? No... terrorist attack? No... what the hell was it? Couple hours later on the news found out it was a propane facility down the street that caught fire which caused the several explosions. I'm still not able to sleep... family keeps calling.

The explosions were so strong that the tremors were felt all over the city... even as far as Aurora. Sooooo crazy!

Here's a small video of the blast at how it lit up the sky and the big mushroom ball of fire like a bomb. My apartment was a lot closer then the person who took this video... the location of the explosion is just a five minute drive from where I am.

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