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Tuesday 15 July 2008

Time To Live My Life Again!

Hey everyone. Normally I write sooner...but I've had a lot on my mind.Stuff between me and my husband have reached a new level...last night he slapped me across the face and spit in my face. I have been ignoring his abuse for too's over. I have been thinking it through...and there's no going back. I've said it before that I was thinking of leaving him...well this time it's over. I don't think he believes me...but he's in for a rude awakening. Tomorrow I will be visiting a lawyer to get things started, and think about restraining order and changing the locks.

I need a man who is honest...not a liar. I need a man who accepts me for who I am...not someone who calls me a whore and a fat cow every day. I know that person is out there somewhere...and it's time to start living my life again!

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  1. thanks for sharing your life story, need a litle gut to do it. good luck with your life.
    cat have 9 life's, am i right? hahaha so you have 8 left to live.


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