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Friday 11 July 2008

I Hate People!

I have come to a conclusion in all this job searching...I want to go back to school. Now that I've worked many shit jobs and many years of kissing asses to keep a job...I realise that I don't want to really work with the public anymore! I guess I shouldn't really be applying for customer service jobs!!! But right now I have to take what I can get. If you're a regular reader of my blog then you already know that I love animals. I want to become a vet...or a vet assistant. Hell, I even wouldn't mind working in a kennel or an animal shelter. Most of these jobs don't pay enough for me right now...especially since I'm used to working for like $15/hr.

I would really like to be a vet and have my own practice...ya that is my dream. I told that to Rachid...and he laughed and said it was stupid. Well he doesn't know anything...he's a moron! Mr Jingles says that I would be an excellent that he wouldn't mind visiting! He hates going to the vet!

I can dream can't I? I just wish I could get a good job, save some money, and go back to school to get a degree.

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