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Saturday 12 July 2008 - A Real Life Saver!

If you're someone who knows me personally, you would know that I'm very organized when it comes to my finances. I'm a person who likes to pay my credit card off before I even receive the statement. Well with me being out of work right now, it has got me thinking about money, and the bills that I currently have. I came across this awesome site that is very helpful, and I think it is very handy for most people to add it to their favorites list.


The site is called, which is a one stop source for saving money and Debt consolidation. They specialize in Debt help, and Debt relief, anywhere from Credit counseling, to a BillsIQ quiz.

I personally have never filed for Bankruptcy, but I know what it's like to have Credit card debt. You feel like you're in a whole that just seems too hard to get out. All my bills are up to date...I only owe about $150 on my credit card, but with me out of work still I have to watch my budget. Since I have nothing else to do, it doesn't hurt if I check out the Credit counseling on the site!

So far I have found very useful, and have saved it to my favorites list on my computer. I feel everyone no matter what age they are would benefit from this site...doesn't hurt to further your knowledge and help organize your finances, and start saving for the future!

Oh, and before I forget...everyone should take the Bills IQ quiz... it's quite fun and helpful!

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