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Friday 13 June 2008

Well I didn't hear back from anyone yet about work. I have a feeling it will take me a while to get a job this time. All the good jobs are already taken for the summer. I was hoping that I would have heard back from the agency today...but I didn't. I wonder if she is still checking references or waiting to hear from the employer...or if she just didn't like me. I was dressed nice and professional....but who knows...she could have just saw that I was fat and said forget it. Job shopping makes me feel like such a fat cow.

I really really wanted that job too...pays excellent...I pray that she calls me Monday. Looking for work makes me so stressed.

I got paid today and half of it was missing. I'm frustrated and want to be able to pay all my bills and not have to worry. Bell still owes me about a thousand dollars. I was really hoping for all of it...I'm worried that they will stiff me some of it. The next pay day will be rent money though. I only owe about $300 on my credit card...which isn't bad.

Ok time to play with the lazer and Jingles...he is meowing to play! Take care everyone...and he says meow to his furry friends!

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