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Monday 23 June 2008

No water again!

Good morning all! It's a bright sunny day outside and I'm hoping it will be a lucky day. I'm in a good mood so far today...don't know how long that will last! So far they have shut the water off again in my building. They seem to do this every other week...crazy! It's a real pain in the ass...the water always seems to be off. Half of the time they don't even give much warning. They're famous for putting up a warning at like midnight and it's for the next morning. Oh least I'm off today!!! Ha! Ha!

I tried applying for some jobs online, but nothing good is listed yet. I guess I have to wait a bit for some people to list stuff. I'm actually quite bored being home...I've had enough time off and I want to get back to working. Being home all this time will drive anyone nuts. I want to go out and do things...but then I'm afraid I will miss a phone call. I do have a cell and I left the number on the answering machine just in case...but sometimes people don't even bother calling it. I'm just afraid of losing an opportunity. Oh pray that I get something soon!

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