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Thursday 5 June 2008

My Thoughts For the Day

So I'm still feeling under the weather. My mom drove me home since I was sick tonight at work...thank you mom! I just finished a nice bowl of homemade tofu and veggie soup...mmmm! I couldn't really taste it, but it sure felt good on my throat. I have no idea if this is a cold that I have, or if it's really bad allergies? Anyone else suffering right now from allergies? My head is pounding, and my nose wont stop running, and my ears are blocked, and my throat hurts...actually I'd say it's itchy. Normally I would have thought that it was allergies...but it actually got worse tonight.

I'm debating whether I should go into work tomorrow. I was quite stressed tonight at work...customer after customer screaming. they may have had somewhat of a reason to be upset...but damn...don't they realise what they sound like?! Since I was sick at work I took a million breaks...although it sure didn't feel like it. I had a fair amount of upgrades I hope I'm doing good for the month so far.

I heard something tonight on the way home from work in my mom's car that was so the point I actually had tears. Two young teenagers put a cat in the microwave and watched and listened to the poor thing screaming and crying. How the hell could someone be so cruel? What is this world coming to? I still feel sick to my stomach hearing this...and I bet they will get nothing they deserve. I wish there was harsher punishment for people who are cruel to animals. I said a prayer for the poor kittie.

Now that I'm depressed thinking about that last paragraph...I think I'm going to end this post for today. Good night all...and please take care of your furry friends.

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  1. I think cruelty to animals is unforgivable. I hope those kids realize the suffering that was caused at their hands.

    I hope you feel better soon. Being sick is No Fun.


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