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Tuesday 6 May 2008

Socialsparks - It Will Soon Be Taking Over!

For those of you who read my blog on a regular basis, would know that I tried the site and thought it was pretty awesome. Well since then there has been another site that launched recently and I signed up.

Now I'm still not too sure at how it works, as I find it quite slow. I'm not too sure why it was slow...if it was because they were updating it? Maybe it was slow because I was accessing it from work?

The features of the site seem pretty cool. There's a lot more features then on the Payperpost. The layout is pretty cool and modern looking. SocialSpark actually looks like a video game in a way...the graphics catch your eye.

I signed up a few days back and didn't get too far in the registration process. I was at work and ran out of time. I checked back today and was happy to see that it was a bit faster then before. I was also happy to see that I was able to finish my application process. I'm currently waiting on the full approval of my blog for the site. I already see more offers that I actually qualify for on this site, as appose to the Payperpost site. I find that on other sites there are too many restrictions when it comes to blogs and it always seems to disqualify me.
You can check my Socialspark profile here!

Since my profile is really too new to get the full effect of what the site offers...
take a look at this profile!

I've come to the conclusion after a few hours of checking out Socialsparks site...that it is really awesome. Only suggestion that I have is to work on the speed of things. Stuff takes too long to load on the pages...although I have to admit that it has been faster then before. Check out the site and sign up...doesn't hurt to try!

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