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Monday 5 May 2008

I'm at work and bored...of course I'm checking out other sites. Silly me...I've decided to go to Ebay and check out some of my fav sellers. This necklace is gorgeous...I have to have it. This is soooo me! I can't wait to go to Morocco with Rachid and go shopping. Ya I know...if you're someone who reads my blog regularily you're wondering what the fuck am I talking about! I know most of the time I'm complaining about that idiot...but when it comes down to it...I truely do love him. That boy needs to be medicated for sure...I think he's bipolar...needs his health card before we can check into that.

I know a lot of our problems are due to my weight gain...I feel bad about it...I block him out most of the time. Over and over it just makes me sick and I eat more...I need to lose weight for one else. If I can just get down to 200Lbs I'd be so much happier. When I met him I was around I weighed at 248Lbs. I must look for more thinspiration. I know...checking out all this moroccan jewellery will keep me in track! I want to buy everything when we go...have to lose weight before we go! We will travel once I'm down to 200Lbs and shop till we drop!

**If you like the jewellery that you see, click for Ebay listing!**

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