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Thursday 29 May 2008

@ Mom's Tonight

Tonight I decided to go to mom's place. The last few days at home with the hubby weren't exactly fun. Too many days in a row with both of us off from it was torture. Well I was off from work...he was unemployed. Anyway, I needed to get away for some alone time. It will be nice being able to sleep without someone hogging the blanket and cold feet.

I do however miss my fur-baby Jingles. I hope Rachid cleans the litterbox. Oh the poor little Stinker...the cat, not Rachid! I created a blog for him when I was bored at work. Yes that's right...I made a blog for my cat! I really am a crazy cat lady! I will be updating my blog with the link in a few days.

Well, I should really be hitting the pillow...good night all!

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