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Friday 29 February 2008

It's 1:30am Friday and I can't sleep. I know that I have to wake up earlier tomorrow to do overtime at I'm kickin myself in the ass for sayin I'd work early. I just keep telling myself it's extra if I'm going to see any of it. Damn bills keep adding up faster then I can make the money!

So today was my day off and I was supposed to have the Expressvu installed at my apartment. Well of course something royaly fucked it up! Thanks to the wonder fucked up Rogers I'm not able to install the system until March 11th. Fuck! I was so looking forward to having one of those nice PVR's to tape Big Brother and One Tree Hill. That mean's I'll have to crash a couple of nights at my mom's to watch it and grab the shows that she will tape for me. I just knew that something was going to fuck it up...I'm not in a good mood and I better get the credits that I was promised from them.

I just finished watching Juno online...excellent movie. That will have to be my next dvd for my collection....that is if I actually get the credit card paid off. I really haven't spent any money on myself in quite some time. Hopefully by the end of March everything will be 100% caught up...want it paid off in full.

I'm actually feeling better tonight....better then I was the other day. I have now realised that I'm quite dependant on Lorazepam....or the other name for it, Adivan. Fuck...I get sick if I don't take my daily dose. What the fuck do I do? I'm on 150m of Effexor XR and now I have to pop a lorazepam in order to sleep normal at night....actually....I need it even when I'm at work to relax. Am I crazy? Is this normal?

Anyway...gotta try to get some shut eye before work tomorrow. Was trying to wait up for the hubby to come home from work but really don't feel like it anymore.

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