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Sunday 17 February 2008

Well I have to say that tonights episode of Big Brother sucked shit. I don't like the idea of the couples...I hope they change that soon. I don't know who's idea it was but it was fuckin retarded. Oh's like the only half decent show that is on right now because of the writers strike.

I have to say that I do miss shows like House and CSI. Oh shit...I just remembered that One Tree Hill is another good show that is on still. I have to watch the shows that my mom taped for me during the week that I didn't get to watch when I was working.

I'll be glad this Thursday once I get the new PVR installed. Definatly looking forward to having the satellite and recieving all the channels and movies free. Hopefully the discounts will help me save some extra money!

Tonight I was supposed to go to mom and grandma's house for dinner. Everyone was invited...Denise, Dave, Justin, Danielle, Aunt Mary and Uncle Gary. I decided to stay home because I would be tempted to eat the dressing that grandma makes that goes with the turkey. I am a real sucker for grandma's home cooking. I did however make my tofu soup tonight, and I have to say it's awesome. Mmmm...I wonder how much I can lose by the end of this week? I will be just eating animal products of course and plenty of water. I wonder if I can get down to 220 by the end of this month? I highly doubt it...unless I basically starve myself. Guess it's just veggies....just eat to live and NOT LIVE TO EAT.

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