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Sunday 17 February 2008

Dammit Tomorrow is Monday!

Today I'm glad to be home relaxing. Tomorrow I'm back to work on the evening shift and even though I like my job, I'm not exactly looking forward to working tomorrow! At the moment I'm just transfering some old info from my old aol blog to here. Thursday I'm disconecting my aol and hooking up my Bell Sympatico! It's the big day...switching the home phone, internet and cable provider all to Bell. I'm definatly looking forward to the employee perks that will come in effect in a couple months.

Rachid is working tonight so it is definatly quiet at home! Just me and Jingles keeping eachother company! Anyway...I weighed myself today and I'm at 235Lbs. If I had stuck to my diet without going off of it for like a month I would have lost a shit load of weight by now. I have lost 40Lbs in total since I started eating healthy...which is pretty good. My first main goal at the moment is to get under 200Lbs. Once I'm at 199Lbs I will set my new goal.

Anyway...I just realised Big Brother 9 is on so I'll write more later!

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  1. Argh! I just typed a very long comment & somehow it got deleted :(

    I was just wondering how your progress went while you werent eating [and how long you did that for]

    & How your progress has gone since you've been eating healthy [and what your diet consists of]

    Good luck with everything!


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