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Friday 28 December 2018

I Feel Liken Shit #holidayeating #newyearresolution

The holiday season was very good... spent lots of time with family and friends and had plenty of yummy food. What's the problem? I feel like shit now... my body is not happy with me after indulging on way too many things. I sit back and think of how far I've come since I had the gastric bypass surgery, and it's partially gone to hell. The last two days I haven't been well, and I think it's because of my poor choices the last couple weeks. Been having the dumping syndrome more often, and the fatigue is uncontrollable. I've come to the realization that I have to get back on track... to even be able to properly function.

Yesterday I woke up with pain, took Tylenol and slept half of the day. The same thing happened today... so I've got to get back on track. Forget about the new years resolution... it starts from today. No more crap... no junk food, no sugar, no carbs, no fast food... I'm done with it all. I'm tired of feeling the pain in my gut, and want to get back to being me.

My starting weight... no idea since I need to change the batteries in my scale... which means I need to buy batteries! I will, just not today since I'm desperately waiting for the pain to disappear.

What I've learned... just because I had weight loss surgery, doesn't mean that it was an easy fix. Far from it... it's still a daily struggle. My issue... I hate cooking most of the time and don't want to. It's much easier to just grab something on the go... which is BAD and not what I should be doing. Even if I chose healthier versions when out, it's still loaded with calories and an incredible amount of sodium. And frozen food is just loaded with preservatives... a chemical shit-storm. I'm just tired of it all... tired of feeling like shit. Looking forward to a more positive 2019... stay tuned for more health/weightloss posts.

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