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Saturday 3 March 2018

Best Exercises to Get your Body a Perfect Shape

Interval Training – also known as High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT, interval training is a way of combining slow and fast repetitions of a particular exercise, for several different benefits. Interval training is good for building stamina, and is also an exercise which is useful cardio – it is used because it functions as a very useful way to combine health benefits. Interval training is a form of exercise where you work quickly to get your heart rate up and your breathing high, and then use the times in between the high speeds to cool down, and allow your body to relax a little.

Walking – as the Kinobody program review attests, walking is very useful exercise. It can be done by anybody, in any stage of health or life (though some people will obviously need some adjustments made for their own particular circumstances). Walking is surprisingly good exercise, and it is something which exercises more of the body than most people know. It is something that combines low-impact exercise with cardio (if you walk fast enough), and it requires no special equipment, so it is ideal for somebody who is just starting on their own fitness journey.

Swimming – a personal favourite of mine, swimming is good exercise for many of the same reasons as walking. It can be done by anybody regardless of health status (within reason), it requires very little in the way of specialist equipment beyond the necessary swimming costume (and possibly goggles), and it is extremely good exercise. What makes swimming particularly good exercise is that it can be done by people who are suffering from muscle and joint injuries and difficulties – since the water supports people’s weight. With the water taking people’s weight, they are capable of more exertion, and thus swimming is very useful for them, both in terms of exercise in general, and also in terms of strengthening them after an injury.

Press-ups – while these are not recommended for women, due to the nature of the exercise (there are press-ups which are designed specifically for women), press-ups are very good exercise. They strengthen the muscles in your arms and back, as well those in the abdominal area. Using your arms to support your entire weight is difficult at first, but it does eventually get easier. The way that these exercises shape the muscles in your arms and back is something that can lead to much stronger arms, as well as possibly a flatter stomach. Press-ups build stamina as well as strength, which leads to being able to do more of them over time, as well as having an accompanying increase in strength. Yoga – Yoga is becoming more and more popular these days – it’s unlikely that people haven’t heard of it. It strengthens muscles and builds stamina, and the people who practise Yoga have reported generally feeling better than they did before they took it up. There are many different types of Yoga, so people who want to practise it have a lot of choice.

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