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Friday 22 December 2017

How to Have a Toddler-Friendly Christmas

Brianna, © 2017
When you have a toddler in the house, it's hard to have nice decor, especially when it comes to Christmas decorations. They seem to always get played with, chewed on, broken or lost. This year with my toddler, my desire to decorate went up against my desire to not have my home destroyed. I had to make some major compromises. I have a toddler that's walking, and is super excited and curious about the fun decorations. She loves and has to touch and play with everything, and somehow always has sticky fingers! She also seems to love to try and eat everything that she can get her hands on.

Luckily since my experience from last year, I have come up with some tips for toddler-proofing Christmas. If you have a toddler or a mobile baby, your are going to wanna pay attention!

Shatterproof Ornaments
I have come to the conclusion that no matter how high you hang an ornament, your toddler will find a way to get to the one she wants. Yes, the ornament will somehow end up on the ground and used like a ball. If you have shatterproof ornaments, it wouldn't be a problem. You would still find them in corners all over the home, but at least they will be in one piece.

Fake Trees Only
Pay close attention to what your tree is made of. The reason you don't want a real Christmas tree, is when you have a toddler, and the tree starts drying out, it will create a huge mess. They will want to play with the water at the bottom of the tree, as well as the stuff that falls from the branches.Just go fake... it's so much easier. Just make sure that the tree is non-toxic. Some artificial trees contain lead in them, so you would want to do some research prior to making the purchase.

Bells are fun and make a pretty noise on the tree. Keep in mind that they would tempt your toddler, but they're not safe to play with. It's very easy for your little one to put one of those bells in their mouth, which wouldn't be a fun trip to the ER.

Put Breakables Up High
If you have anything expensive or fragile, be sure to put them up high where they can't be reached. Put the items up high on a sturdy shelf, mantle or counter.

No Tinsel
Tinsel is a huge choking hazard, and you don't want this on the tree if you have babies or toddlers.

No Hook Hangers
The typical metal hook hangers for ornaments are not toddler friendly. The solution is to use ribbon to hang the ornaments. Your kids have get the ornaments and help you hang them without you panicking that they will swallow them. It takes a while to tie them onto every ornament, but it's worth it.

Give Them Their Own Tree
I have two ideas for this. One, make them a felt tree with ornaments so they can decorate it over and over. Or, you can let them have their own little mini tree. Keep it up high at night so that they won't mess with it when you're sleeping. Let them decorate it with ornaments and let them make it how they want. I did this growing up, and I used to love it every year as a child.

Put Your Tree in the Corner
This can be a challenge if you live in a small apartment. My two bedroom condo is tiny, and this is a challenge for myself to find a corner to put the tree... it's actually not really an option! You just want to try and put the tree somewhere where it's not super accessible. Try using some of the bigger presents and create a bit of a barricade. The main point is to not make it the center of attention.

Decorate With Holiday Stuffed Animals
Growing up my grandmother would always put holiday stuffed animals throughout the home. The good thing with this, is that they're not breakable and you don't have to worry with a toddler. Because of her not wanting to throw anything out, I have a nice collection of Christmas stuffed animals at home.

Follow these tips, and your Christmas decorations should last until the next holiday season! Your toddler will have fun, you will have fun, and you won't be stressing about your child eating or destroying your Christmas decor!

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