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Monday 17 July 2017

3 Methods to Using Mirrors to Accentuate Your Home Décor

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From allowing the sunshine to flood your home and wake up your senses, to checking out the beautiful reflection you see before you leave the house, mirrors serve quite a purpose in home décor. They can be used to accentuate your interior designs, especially kitchen and bath remodeling projects, more so than they can be used to make sure your eyeliner is on point. So, next time you need a boost to your designs, read up on the 3 methods for using mirrors to accentuate your home décor.

Capture and Reflect Natural Sunlight

If you want to capture and reflect natural sunlight with mirrors, you have to be strategic in their placements. When sunlight hits a mirror, it reflects back and outwards. So, you need to get the sunlight to hit one mirror, reflect a stream into another, and so on until you achieve the perfect amount of sunshine for your home décor. Mirrors also leave a sparkle of sunlight from one reflected stream to another, so your home will look truly magical in the mornings. This process cuts down on your power bills, because natural sunshine can light your home for hours.

Widen a Space with Precise Placement

When reflective of a room, mirrors can make that room look ginormous and far more spacious than it actually is. You could be sitting in the room, looking into the mirror, and it would still seem like that room is unrealistically large. This is the widening effect that comes from a portion of the room being reflected, making it seem like the other side of the room is actually in the mirror. It’s a neat-o trick, for sure. But you have to be precise in placement to achieve the look.

Get Funky with DIY Reflective Surfaces

Have you seen the circular mirrors that are spaced out into cool pod-like patterns? These kinds of mirrors are decals for your walls, so you can make fun DIY reflective surfaces that enhance the funk and coolness of your interior design. You can buy them pre-made in whatever shape you want. Or, ask a workshop to work with you in getting the mirror cutouts that you want.

Mirrors can enhance a home’s décor and interior designs tenfold. From widening a space with reflective magic, to capturing the sunshine so you pay less on your electric bills, mirrors are a do-anything item that often gets pushed to the side in interior décor. However, you can improve the overall look and function of your home décor with a selection of mirrors from your local hardware store.

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