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Saturday 10 September 2016

Foods to Avoid During Your Period #PMS

When it's that certain time of the month and you have your period, it can be described as a real nuisance. Some of the common symptoms are bloating, mood swings, irritability, painful cramps, breast tenderness, and sometimes depression. It's important to remember to take care of yourself, and make sure that you're giving your body the nutrition it needs. Willpower is usually tested at this time, especially when it comes to eating healthy. Focus on eating lean proteins and fiber, to help regulate blood suger levels. Pay special attention to replenishing your body's supply of iron, and reduce bloating by removing sugary, carbonated drinks.

The key to staying healthy while on your period means eating healthy. That also means it's best to avoid certain foods, as they can make symptoms worse. Here's a list of foods that you would want to avoid during that time of the month:

Processed Food
This would include all canned foods, as they contain high levels of sodium. Excessive levels of sodium will cause an increase in water retention, which would lead to bloating.

Foods and drinks that contain caffeine are stimulants, which can lead to irregular periods and increased cramping. It also can cause sleeping problems, mood swings, and additional pain from cramps.

Alcohol acts as a blood thinner, which would increase your flow and add discomfort. It can also increase cramping due to dehydration, and affect mood swings.

Packaged Baked Goods
When you buy baked goods from a store, they usually contain huge amounts of trans-fats, and that can increase estrogen levels in woman. An increase in this hormone can lead to sharp pain in the uterus.

Fatty Meats
Fatty meats are high in saturated fat, which can cause inflamation and pain... which worsens the effects of menstrual cramps. Stick to lean meats and fish during your period.

Lets face it, being on your period sucks!  The good news is, that if you avoid certian foods and drinks, you can lesson the symptoms... and of course, keep your pain killers handy!

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