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Sunday 14 February 2016

Thinspiration Sunday - Weight Loss Inspiration

Join me for Thinspiration Sunday's and create your own weight loss post to help inspire you to keep on track. It can be photos, poetry, recipes, or a diet tip. Make sure to have fun, and good luck!

Today's weigh in: 183Lbs

I've been working at my new job now for a few weeks, and I'm enjoying it. When I originally started, I expected to be walking to and from work for every shift. Well, as of yet that hasn't happend. I guess one of the main reasons is that I've been staying at my mother's place, as my shift is 10am-10pm. Since I'm still breastfeeding the little Munchkin, it would be a real shock if I wasn't there in the middle of the night for a comfort feed. I probably could leave her over the Saturday night without me, and then walk to work Sunday morning... but I would feel guilty.

I haven't lost any further weight, and I'm disappointed about it. I've been trying throughout the week to eat healthy, and I have been. I've been keeping track almost every day of what I eat... with the exception of I think one day. I had a calzone from Pizza Pizza once... shame on me! I also like to blame it on that time of the month for not losing any more... sure why not blame it on that?!!! Since I'm a little blue regarding being stuck at the current weight, I'm going to share some fitness/weight loss inspiration to help kick into gear.

Have a great week, and stay strong!

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